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Types of Waste

Waste Categories/Types of Waste

Commercial and Household Waste

Also known as general waste, this typically includes light construction waste. This includes bricks, broken concrete slabs, bits of plasterboard, pipes, and more. You can also include household waste, such as pieces of old or damaged furniture and discarded appliances (aka white goods). Rubbish from offices, such as documents, old or damaged equipment, and discarded office furniture, also fall into this category.

This type of waste can be transported in our general waste skip bins. 

What size of skips do we recommend? You can hire our 3m3 to 6m3 skips for most general waste transport. But if you’re loading large residential or commercial waste, we recommend our 8m3 to 15m3 skips.

Heavy Construction Waste

When you need to remove tons of construction waste from your job site we are the team to call. Our waste management experts will decide if it needs to go to landfill or our recycling transfer centre in Brisbane, all you have to do is call us.

Our skips are built to hold and transport different kinds of discarded building materials, including tiles, concrete blocks, stones, reinforcement bars, and more.

Green Waste

Whether you own a landscaping company and need to transport tons of green waste from your customer’s property or you recently had your front yard maintained, we have the right skip bin for you.

Green waste includes grass clippings, weeds, tree branches, small shrubs, and dead plants. This can also include smaller trees and palm fronds.

Generally, 3m3 and 6m3 skips would suffice for transporting green waste. For maintaining large properties, such as resorts, golf clubs, and hotels, we recommend that you hire our larger skips instead.


Our skips are available for transporting soil from pool installation, garden makeovers, or simple soil removal. Keep in mind that our skips are only available for pure soil or clean fill.

prohibited items

Note: Please refrain from loading these prohibited items into our skips. 

Gas cylinders
Fire extinguishers
Any liquid
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